Friday, June 26, 2009

Toys R Us -- $1500 Little Tikes Prize Pack Contest

Sign up to receive Toys R Us emails and be entered for your chance to win a $1500 Little Tikes Prize Pack. Contest ends on June 30 and is open to Canadian residents.

If your children are like my daughter, they would love to receive this prize. We don't have lawn yet... I'm told it's coming VERY soon! Every time we pass by a yard that has a playhouse, swings or slide, my daughter points and makes a comment about them. She is going to be excited when our yard is done and we can start to fill it up with toys for her to play with.


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  2. You're welcome Berchta! Glad I could help.

    Hope that you are enjoying your summer.

  3. this is realy smart..real life size toys for kis are the best toddler toys . This will help the children learn much faster and co-operate much faster while they grow